Big Reading Challenge 2019

Big Reading Challenge 2019

Cllr Mellen’s Big Reading Challenge – his target to read to more than 5,000 children in 50 days.

Since 28 January 2019, Cllr Mellen read to children in schools, libraries, theatres, bookshops, taxis and the main city council chamber. He has even read to children at the top of a windmill. His final total was 6,504 children.

The Big Reading Challenge has raised  £5,238!

Reaching his fundraising target means Cllr Mellen has raised enough money to provide 2,500 free books for children – or the equivalent of a whole class of 40 children being able to receive a free book from birth to the age of five.

His final challenge on Monday 18 March saw him read to the whole of Mellers Primary School in Radford – 330 children – where Cllr Mellen was a former Head Teacher.

In 50 days, the final statistics for the Big Reading Challenge are:

• 6,504 children read to in Nottingham
• 166 stories read
• 75 locations
• £5,238 raised


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30th May 2019

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